Half day experience.

This is our most popular experience and one that people really love. We meet at the Ty Newyedd Country Hotel for a hot drink before heading to the farm. Once at the farm you will have a short introduction to the experience, this will look at husbandry, weight management and diet. You will also be shown telemetry that we attach to the team and how it works.

We then head out onto 250 acres where we will fly the Harris Hawks, they are a pack hunter so we become part of the pack and interact with the birds by flushing and working with them to give them as much stimulation as possible. There will be plenty of handling and flights to the glove with images possible. The walk can take up to 1 hour 30 minutes but can be catered to suit all needs and fitness. Good clothing will be needed as we may end up in some wetter woodland depending on where the birds fly.

Once back at the van we then head out with one of the falcons, again going for a walk but in a different area to showcase the true ability of these fast flying birds. You will be shown how the lure works and with our GPS we can record all the flight info for you with typical speeds of 60 to 100mph. The enrichment our birds receive is something we pride ourselves on, showcasing species in as natural environments as possible.

For the last part of the experience we take you to a stunning historical church, set in amazing scenery where we will fly at least 2 owls species. during this time you will have plenty of flights to the glove and gain a great understanding of owl behaviour. We will showcase silent flight and signals that owls show when in a environment that suits their adaptations.

This experience lasts for 3 1/2 hours and will finish with a complementary tea/coffee at the county manor house Ty Newedd. And if you really fancy it you can visit the whiskey distillery of Penderyn, a world famous drink.

Due to the nature of the activity the weather plays a massive role in if we are able to go ahead on the day. All bookings are re scheduled if they are not possible due to the weather.

Please find more about our experience prices here, or find our Half Day Falconry Experience selection below:


Single Person experience £110.00
Two Person Experience £180.00
Three Person Experience £250.00